Welcome to HMS/HSDM Peer Point!

Peer Point

HMS/HSDM Peer Point is a student-run program for medical and dental students to provide peer support to one another. We envision and are working to make HMS and HSDM a strong and welcoming community made up of people who care for and about each other.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

Who are we?

Peer Point supporters are current HMS and HSDM students who are committed to being available to meet with classmates as friendly and supportive listeners for issues that arise in our personal and academic lives as we move through medical and dental school. We provide in-person support to any classmate at HMS and HSDM.

Peer Point supporters have undergone training in effective listening and support skills and are committed to supporting classmates in a open, nonjudgmental manner, and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of those that meet with us.

Let’s talk!

Connecting with a Peer Point supporter is easy and confidential. Here’s how:

  1. Click HERE to access our MyCourses/eCommons website and connect with a peer. You will need to log in with your eCommons ID and password. (We don’t like eCommons but we use it to protect the contact information of our peer supporters.)
  2. Click the link on the right side of the page (“CLICK HERE TO FIND A PEER SUPPORTER!”). You will find a list of your peers, some brief biographical information about them, and their email and/or phone number.
  3. Contact your Peer Point supporter directly and set up a time to talk! You should expect a response within 24 hours.

If you need help and support urgently, please call Harvard University Mental Health Services at (617) 495-5711, the National Suicide Prevention Help Line at 1-800-273-TALK, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Become a Peer Point supporter

We will be holding training sessions for people interested in becoming Peer Point supporters very soon in the early Fall. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Ryan Din, Tamara Rodriguez, or Howard Li.


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